I Made A Noise This Morning – (from WHAT A DAY IT WAS AT SCHOOL!)

I made a noise this morning

That I didn’t mean to make.

It truly was an accident,

An error, a mistake.

I don’t know how it happened,

But it suddenly was there,

Filled with great reverberations

That resounded in the air.


It made a strong impression

On the people in the room.

A lot of them reacted

Like they’d heard a sonic boom.

They looked at one another

As if asking, “was it you?”

They were laughing, they were pointing—

I behaved the same way too.


I couldn’t keep from joking

With the other girls and boys,

And never once admitted

It was I who made that noise.

Though I’m sorry that I made it,

From the bottom of my heart,

Ina way, my brief eruption

Was a little work of art.